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KEPR is looking into the impact of an oil spill in the Yakima River that traveled as far as Prosser. Wildlife was affected. Today ecologists in Pasco gave Justin Lum a look into the process of cleaning 70 oiled birds that survived.
TRI-CITIES, Wash. - Stores like Target and Walmart are bucking the trend of Black Friday.

They're offering up door buster deals, giving many people the option to shop right after their Thanksgiving feast.

The goal is to cash in on customers before other stores open. Customers say they are glad to have more options but feel bad for people who have to work on Thanksgiving.

Maricela Acosta said, "I think that everybody should respect that day especially retail stores. Other people I mean, I excuse them, because I know that they have to, like hospitals. But, no I don't agree with that so I'll be home with my family.

Leslie Pettyjohn said, "Our family usually eats around noon or something like that. You spend most of your day with your family. But when the stores are open, the stores are open. You want to get the best deal you can."

Some restaurants, like I-Hop will open early, at 3 am to feed late night shoppers.

Black Thursday?

Faced with growing demand, many stores are opening up a day earlier than normal, turning this Thanksgiving into Black Thursday.