Engram not optimistic about return to Seahawks

Engram not optimistic about return to Seahawks
Bobby Engram
SEATTLE (AP) - Wide receiver Bobby Engram is now a free agent and doesn't sound overly optimistic about a return to the Seattle Seahawks.

Speaking to The Associated Press during halftime of Thursday night's game between No. 21 Washington and No. 14 Arizona State, Engram said he's received plenty of interest from other teams and that being a free agent "is a good place."

Engram said the Seahawks are aware of his desire to finish his career in Seattle, but then said, "I wouldn't say optimistic," when asked about his chances of returning.

"It's going to be interesting how it turns out," he said.

Engram had 47 catches for 489 yards but no touchdowns last season as Seattle slumped to a 4-12 record. He's spent the past eight seasons with the Seahawks, and has 399 catches and 18 touchdowns in his time with Seattle.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck says Engram, with whom he has played since 2001, "just brings an experience and a calmness to our offense."

Yet after he set a team record with 94 receptions in 2007, Engram was upset last year that the Seahawks didn't re-negotiate his contract before it ended, and that he made just $1.7 million last season while he caught 47 passes in 13 games. His salary was third among Seattle wide receivers, behind Deion Branch ($3.5 million) and Nate Burleson ($3.25 million).

Engram turned 36 last month. When asked if the team was open to the multiyear contract Engram wants, Seahawks' general manager Tim Ruskell said: "I don't want to get into any of that. We had our disagreements last year about how to do that.

"The same arguments will come up. But the bottom line is, he would like to be a Seahawk and finish his career a Seahawk, and we would like that as well."

Engram said he hopes to have a deal done soon, whether it's with Seattle or another team. He also expressed concerns about where the Seahawks are headed offensively with new offensive coordinator Greg Knapp and likely an increased emphasis on the run.

"We'll make the best decision," Engram said. "Hopefully something will get done quickly regardless of it's with the Seahawks or not."