12th Man Flag On Top of Space Needle

12th Man Flag On Top of Space Needle
There's also a lot of football news to tell you about.

The Seattle Seahawks only have a couple days to go before their big playoff game with Washington.

While the Hawks are favored in that game, many people think the Redskins are the better team.

But, don't tell that to the Seahawks fans.

On Wednesday, the city put the Hawks 12th man flag on top of the Space Needle.

The flag was raised by Jim Whittaker...he's a Seattle resident who was the first American to reach the top of Mt. Everest.

The team has done this in each of the past few years, and after making the Super Bowl in 2005 and the divisional round in 2006, the Seahawks are hoping for some more success this year.

Saturday's game with Washington will be the first game of the NFL postseason...kickoff will be at 1:30 PM.