Local woman blitzes Mariners: 'Hire me! Hire me!'

Local woman blitzes Mariners: 'Hire me! Hire me!'
SEATTLE - What would you do to land your dream job?

A West Seattle woman is pulling out all the stops to work for the Mariners.

Laurel Trujillo doesn't just like the Seattle Mariners - she's crazy about them.

And now she really, really, really wants to work for the team.

"I've always been a passionate fan," she says.

So when she saw an ad for a marketing job in the Mariners' front office - she jumped at the chance.

"Did the skies open and the sun shine down and angels start singing? Yeah - I knew it was the perfect match for me," she says.

It could also be her big chance to get back on her feet. You see, Laurel recently joined the more than 300,000 other people in our state who are unemployed.

"I was laid off from my job a month and a half ago," she says.

And she's had no luck applying for other jobs.

So this time, Laurel launched a social media blitz to convince the Mariners she's the right one for their job.

First she created the "Hire Laurel" Facebook page. Next she created a Twitter account.

"Well, I just knew I had to do something big," she says.

She even has the Mariner Moose working it.

Laurel says if she gets the job she'll be tweeting and Facebooking anything and everything Mariners baseball - something she says she's qualified to do.

"I enjoy going to work," she says. "I enjoy working on websites and managing content."

She's a passionate fan who's stepping up to the plate of her dream job - if given the chance.

"Just applied officially last night - so Mariners, give me a call," she laughs.

Laurel says she'll knock it out of the park.

The Mariners confirmed Wednesday that they know about Laurel's campaign. It's unclear if she'll get an interview.