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TRI-CITIES, Wash. - Fans who come in all shapes and sizes, there are some who see baseball as a hobby, others an obsession. But there is one Dust Devils fan who uses it as medicine.

If you have ever been to Gesa Stadium for a baseball game - you have no doubt walked passed or noticed Mailia Goforth. Maybe the name doesn't ring a bell, but seeing the oxygen tank behind her seats just might or even seeing her service dog SteelDust sit quietly on her lap.

"I love it, it's my best medicine, it's better than anything else," said Mailia Goforth.

And that "it" is baseball. Mailia has missed just six Dust Devils games in eight years, ut that is not what separates her from the rest. Mailia is sick, she was diagnosed with Eisenmenger Syndrome when she was three. Causing her to rely on an oxygen tank every day of her life since she was four.

"There are days I wish I could just take this off and be on my way but I just have to be patient and being patient is very important," said Mailia.

The life expectancy for those with it are the early 20's. Mailia is 20 years old. She has gone to two different countries receiving four different stem cell treatments and doctors say she isn't getting better, but she isn't getting worse.

"I am greatful for everyday I am alive, everyday is a gift," said Mailia.

And her biggest joy in life are the Dust Devils, win or lose. She credits baseball and the team as her insperation to get better everyday.

"I'm not shy anymore, I love coming out here and seeing the faces of my smiling friends, meeting new people and cheering on my favorite team, it's fun," said Mailia.

She also looks up to many of the players, especially starting pitcher Helmis Rodriguez. He says, Mailia is the one making an impact on him.

"This is a story that inspires me not only to play baseball but to value or add value to life. To be grateful for and value everything we have in this life," said Dust Devils pitcher, Helmis Rodriguez.

Mailia lives her life by the words of maybe the most famous baseball player of all time, Babe Ruth.

"Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game," said Mailia.

And for her playing the game, is watching the game.

"This is something that stirs your emotions outside of the baseball stadium. Such as the fans, in this case Mailia has been a very special part of our fan base and what can I say, she is the most special," said Rodriguez.

"I know in time, in perfect time, I will have that heart surgery, finally correct this problem and finally be off the oxygen for good.," said Mailia.