Should Oregon tax e-cigs?

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Legal to sell to kids
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  • Legal to sell to kids
Legal to sell to kids
A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report found the number of high school kids using e-cigarettes doubled from 2011 to 2012. And in Oregon and 38 other states, that's perfectly legal. "If it's not tobacco, there's no specific laws for nicotine, so kids can actually still buy them," Davis said. Raising the price of e-cigarettes would be one way to curb their usage, he said. "You increase the price and kids stop doing it because kids don't have money," Davis said. "This is one way to do that, the tax." And even though it's legal to sell e-cigs to kids, Davis hopes clerks in local stores would use their better judgment. Day, the sales associate at MidTown, said they don't even allow minors into their store, so they would never consider selling to someone under 18. "It's definitely not something we want to sell to minors," she said. "There's still nicotine in it so that's not a good idea."