I-502 is winning among Washington voters

I-502 is winning among Washington voters
It appears Washington voters want to smoke pot legally.

Initiative-502 is ahead making Washington the first state to say people over 21 can legally carry an ounce of marijuana.

It would tax the drug with a 40-60 breakdown.

The smaller amount to the state's general fund -- the larger on drug prevention, research, education and health care.

Reporter: "With the passing of I-502, how might this allow law enforcement to spend more time focusing on cracking down on harder drugs?"

Jason: "Well, we'd like to hope that that would be the best possible situation that we will get to work on the harder drugs, but it is uncharted territory. It's a thing that the legislation has yet to determine what the enforcement role is going to be in the new law," said Pasco Police Sergeant Jason Miller.

"'Users' are benefitted. Because how they have a known source that's not in a crime area. They don't have to worry whether or not they're going to get robbed or stolen from - they can go to the store - just like a liquor store - and they can do that safely, in a professional environment, and the state benefits and so does the community," said Pinstripe Empire Owner Clayton Looney.

Regardless of this result -- the drug is still illegal federally.