What's at stake in the 2012 presidential election

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Health Care
America's health care system is unsustainable. It's not one problem, but three: cost, quality and coverage.

The U.S. has world-class hospitals and doctors. But it spends far more than other advanced countries and people aren't much healthier. And in an aging society, there's no reliable system for long-term care.

Obama's expansion of coverage for the uninsured hits high gear in 2014. Obama keeps today's Medicare while trying to slow costs. He also extends Medicaid.

Romney would repeal Obama's health care law but hasn't spelled out what he'd do instead. On Medicare, he favors the option of a government payment to help future retirees get private coverage.

The risk of expanding coverage: Health costs consume a growing share of the stressed economy. The risk of not: Millions continue uninsured or saddled with heavy coverage costs as the population grows older.

Dr. Ora Botwinick examines Dahlia Arbella, 5, at the Multnomah County's North Portland Health Center Monday, June 18, 2012, in Portland, Ore. No matter what the U.S. Supreme Court decides about the future of the federal health care law, Gov. John Kitzhaber's ambitious Medicaid overhaul will go forward, state officials said Monday. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)