Park-goers blackout beach with heavy drinking

Park-goers blackout beach with heavy drinking
Illia Dunes is closed until further notice due to health and safety concerns caused by visitors's trash. During the past weekend, more than 3,000 visitors descended upon the dunes, a popular recreation site located at Snake River Mile 102 on the south shoreline about eight miles downstream of Lower Granite Lock and Dam. As result, enormous amounts of trash were scattered on the beach, broken bottles and beer cans left in the water, refuse strewn about the parking lots and litter discarded along the roadway, creating potential health and safety hazards for future visitors.
Thanks to an overwhelming community response - the Illia Dunes stands a shot at re-opening in time to enjoy what's left of the nice weather this year.
Officials closed the area Monday - after irresponsible visitors trashed the place over the weekend.
While they're happy that more than 3-thousand of you chose to spend your free time enjoying some of the best the Snake River shoreline has to offer - they're less than pleased with the massive amounts of broken beer bottles, cans and garbage thrown in the water and all over the beach.
The closure can't officially be uplifted until water contamination tests check back clean - but you can pitch in to clear the beach itself this weekend.