Explosives Stolen in Walla Walla

Explosives Stolen in Walla Walla
WALLA WALLA--Hundreds of pounds of explosives were stolen from the Port of Walla Walla.

Nearly 100 lbs of TNT, 17 sticks of dynamite, 17 hundred feet of detonation cords, rocket black powder, blasting caps, and much more was taken.

It’s enough explosives to do serious damage.

“Immediately we all think the worst possible scenario, we fear the worst possible scenario and that's why we're working it so hard, is we want to prevent that from happening if that's the intent,” Jessie Summers from ATF said.

No one knows the intent; the goods were locked up at a storage unit somewhere at the Port of Walla Walla.

They wouldn't let me on the site to show you, but someone knew what was there.

“They took a lot of time to do what they were doing, it was secure,” Jessie Summers said.

The burglary is scary enough, but Action News got worried when we learned the theft was last week, and investigators kept it secret until Friday.

The ATF explained that it was an investigative decision and they thought it might have a negative impact on the investigation, but now they need the publics help.

“It could be inside, it could be someone that just stumbled up on the places that's what we're trying to figure out,” Jessie Summers said.

Investigators call this a "significant safety threat."

A Google search could easily teach someone what to do with what they have.

The stuff needs to get off the streets before it's too late.

There is a reward if you know anything about this crime.

Call 1888-ATF-BOMB if you can help.