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Local Consumer Reports: Ford Mustang 50 years later Consumer Reports: Ford Mustang 50 years later (Video)
Consumer Reports gets nostalgic with a historical view of the Ford Mustang. The car was first tested 50 years ago and now the Consumer Reports team is putting 2015 Ford Mustang through its paces.
Local Vandalism incidents aren't slowing down Vandalism incidents aren't slowing down (Video)
You don't have to look very hard to find graffiti somewhere in the Tri-Cities. In fact, the numbers show it's happening even more frequently than usual. KEPR pulled the numbers and found out what police are doing to prevent tagging from occurring on one of the most troublesome nights of the year - Halloween.
Local Kids Aviation Day Kids Aviation Day (Video)
The Mid-Columbia Ninety-Nines and Bergstrom aircraft hosted the event where kids got to learn basic flying instructions.
Local McMurray Park Cleanup McMurray Park Cleanup (Video)
Richland Rehabilitation and McMurray Park Apartments joined with the public to clean up McMurray Park today.
Local Citizenship Day Citizenship Day (Video)
Across the state... Between 180 and 200 thousand people are eligible to apply for citizenship.. But only about ten percent of those people become citizens each year.
Local KEPR's Friday Freebies
Are you looking for something to do this weekend? Check out KEPR's list of Friday Freebies.