Rehab through poetry

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TRI-CITIES - Here at Action News, one of the hardest things we have to cover is when teens get in trouble with the law. It happens all too often. So you can imagine our surprise when we learned about one man's unique efforts to get teens on the straight and narrow.

But forget painting or preaching. This man's secret weapon? The art of poerty.

The spoken word.

"Moms beat down from overdoses - took place before my young eyes,” spoke local poet/speaker Jordan Chaney.

Poetry - fused with rap - helping juveniles in detention.

“But I can't lie - sometimes I felt like God was gone,” said Chaney.

Poetry processes trauma. It's what Jordan's doing to get kids off the streets.

"Which will strengthen my struggle to fill what's empty,” rapped Chaney.

Creativity. Confidence. Communication.
Writing where you've come from, where's you're at, where you're going.

“And he had depression. You ever been depressed? Right. You ever felt hopeless?" asked Chaney.

Just another writing exercise -- to get these youths -- to open up.
New groups cycle through Jordan's class every week.

"I'll have kids who come in who are very closed down. It kind of awakens their spirit a little more,” added Chaney.

Presenting autobiographies -- of drugs, gangs, crime.
Transformed into poetry. A powerful presentation.

“Because I can't seem to forget my past,” rapped Chaney.

To stop the feeling -- that these youths aren't going anywhere.
"Kyle" has had friends locked up.

“It’s rough. It's boring,” explained Kyle.

He's glad to hear someone like Jordan is helping.

“For them to get out and get clean…straight,” said “Kyle.”

Affirming their strengths....and encouraging good.

"It not about embarrassing them, making them feel bad about where they come from, but now they can empower themselves,” said Chaney.

Tools to grow leaders of a new generation.

"Jerome's War. Thank you,” expressed Chaney.

Beyond performing locally, we're told Jordan is starting to get statewide recognition for his efforts.