Wind chill advisory in Tri-Cities

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TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- Dangerously cold temperatures are headed our way tonight. The wind chill could be 25 below zero overnight.

We are expected to see the lowest temperatures of the season here in the Tri-Cities. Students in all three school districts were kept indoors for recess Friday. And if you do have to be outside, experts want you to wear multiple, light layers rather than a single heavy coat.

"It's just because its so cold with the wind, it drives that wind chill factor down, which makes it very dangerous for people," said Emergency Services Manager, Jeremy Beck.

The Union Gospel Mission said they have plenty of space for people who need a place to stay, they aren't even at capacity.

Pets should also be brought indoors. Very few animals can survive these conditions, this includes livestock. Animals should have access to windbreaks or bedding, if they can be put in a barn, they should be. Animals also need extra food and water to keep their bodies going during extreme weather.