Webber Canyon scorched by brush fire

BENTON COUNTY -- it was anything but a holiday for a number of our local firefighters when the word went out that there was a natural cover fire taking off in rural Benton County
They stationed themselves at the intersection of Dennis Road and Webber Canyon Road, west of Badger Mountain near Benton City.
Smoke was visible from all around the Tri-Cities as the flames spread over a couple of hundred acres. And it was still smoldering well in the overnight hours.
Firefighters told Action News it was all-hands-on-deck. The crews even had to monitor one house at the base of the hill.
Richland firefighter Adam Hardgrove said careful strategy was the key. They attacked the fire at the flanks, trying to keep it from jumping the canal road.
The cause of the fire is still unknown.
Crews remained on site overnight to make sure the hot spots didn't spread.