Two people found dead in Pasco home identified

Two people found dead in Pasco home identified »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. -- We now know the names of the two people found dead in a home on Redonda Drive. They are 28-year-old Monique Williams and 36-year-old Aaron Newport. The police are investigating the incident as a homicide right now, but they say it's too early to call it a murder-suicide.

This comes after a home invasion homicide in February happened just around the corner. Two crime scenes in the past three months have neighbors thinking twice.

An 8:30 a.m. welfare check led police to a home on Redonda Drive Monday morning. What they found inside came as a shock to many neighbors.

"My first thought was, 'Oh no, what happened now?'" said neighbor Leanna Jimerson.

Leanna lives around the corner from what was an active crime scene.

"I just came home this afternoon from work to find that the road was closed, and I saw a police car and I thought, 'Oh my goodness, not again,'" she said.

Leanna was also the neighbor of a homicide that happened in February, around the other corner on Savary Drive. Pasco police say the two homicides are unrelated.

"Officers discovered two deceased individuals, a male and a female, inside the residence," said Pasco Police Department Capt. Jim Raymond.

28-year-old Monique Williams and 36-year-old Aaron Newport were found dead in a bedroom inside 7912 Redonda Drive.

Neighbors were in tears.

"My husband did say that he knew one of the victims, so, you know, that's always sad, it's unfortunate, thinking about the family," said Leanna.

Police do not believe anyone should feel in danger, and they are not looking for any suspects. But it is too soon to call this a murder-suicide. However, police did confirm, by the way the bodies were found, each victim died of severe trauma.

"The individuals appear to have died of a violent means," said Capt. Raymond.

Two homicides in three months, within two blocks of each other, have some thinking twice. But Leanna still feels safe in her home.

"My husband will protect his family if he needs to, and I think that Pasco Police Department is doing a great job to protect our neighborhood," she said.

The Franklin County coroner will conduct the autopsies Thursday morning.