Tri-Cities family experiences family separation, again

Tri-Cities family experiences family separation, again »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- KEPR is following up on a trio of siblings who reunited after 35 years. Twin sisters were living in the Tri-Cities, when they found their long-lost brother in New York. Now, we've learned the group is separated again.

Jackie Lopez and her brother, Luis Leon, work to stay close, while living thousands of miles apart. Last year, Jackie didn't even know who her brother was. They found each other through Facebook, reuniting after 35 years. Luis even moved from New York to the Tri-Cities to be close to his new-found twin sisters, but when he couldn't find work, he had to move away again.

"To find the person you have been looking for, for so many years and then have them walking away from you, is hard," said Lopez.

The group was separated as infants and reunited with a missing fourth sibling on the Steve Harvey Show. Luis and the twins had hoped to live under one roof, catching up on so much lost time. But now he lives in Florida.

"It's hard being apart from them, if I was financially in a better state I would move back to Washington, of course I would," said brother, Luis Leon, over the phone.

Since their reunion, Jackie found a job after being out of work for months. Luis got married and now has an infant.

"It's been extremely tough, I can't tell you how many nights I will call them because I miss them terribly," said Leon.

Jackie admits, she her twin wanted to be greedy and keep their long-lost brother with them, but knew he had to go.

"Tough choice, but a good choice for him and sometimes we have to make the decisions for the best of the family," said Lopez..

Coincidentally, Luis lives just an hour away from his third sister. She was the final missing piece of the puzzle that was brought together with the help of Hollywood. The oldest of the group, she's busy with a military career. Jackie wishes all four could live in the same town, but for now, they try to stay in touch over the phone.

"It's day to day lives that separate us, but in a way bonded, because we found each other," said Lopez.

The siblings were separated after being put into foster care more than 40 years ago. The twins were adopted together, but Luis remained a foster child until he aged out of the system.