State commission says "yes" to Center Parkway extension

State commission says "yes" to Center Parkway extension »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. -- Richland and Kennewick have the go-ahead to connect Center Parkway to Tapteal Drive.

The cities have wanted to connect the two pieces of the road for almost a decade. It runs west of the mall near P.F. Chang's.

A state commission reversed an earlier decision that stopped the connection. Every business we spoke with said the extension will help business, but they also remember past construction in the area that kept people away.

"The mall was backed up, people were trying to cut through, and it just hurt us, nobody wanted to bother coming down this way," said Famous Dave's General Manager Alisha Andring. "So that will hurt us a little bit, but ultimately, I think it's a good thing."

Most of the money for the construction will come from state grants. The costs to buy the land have already set the cities back more than $2 million.