Speeding through school zones? Get a ticket

Speeding through school zones? Get a ticket »Play Video
TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- School has been underway for a week now. And some cities are writing a lot of tickets for speeding in school zones, while other drivers are getting off with a warning.

In just one week, Pasco has written 14 tickets. Triple what they wrote last year. Kennewick wrote 19 so far. And Richland hasn't written any. Richland says it's focusing on educating drivers to the law rather than giving them a ticket.

KEPR spoke with one woman says she frequently sees speeders outside Rowena Chess and Stevens Middle in Pasco.

"Constantly kids running up and down, even when school is not going on. The kids are going to the playground, playing. There's a lot of kids from this apartment complex that are always back and forth, and the ones down there and some over there too. There's just constantly cars speeding up and down this road, constantly. It there's a well-populated area with kids, you need to constantly be watching your speed whether you can see a child or not. They will dart out in front of you at any moment and you'll have no clue," said a woman who witnesses speeders, Carmen Miller.

Speeding in a school zone can cost you up to 500 dollars.