Small victory won for Amon Creek

Small victory won for Amon Creek »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. -- It was a small victory for those fighting to preserve the Amon Basin Thursday night. After hearing pleas from locals, Richland’s Parks and Recreation Commission voted unanimously to take the proposed Rachel Road extension off the transportation improvement plan.

The zoned natural open space, right off Leslie Road, was purchased for the sole purpose of protection. The problem is, it's also set to become a major corridor for traffic; the city has been planning it for years. The intersection of Gage Blvd. and Leslie Rd. are based upon its eventual construction.

“I would hate to see you guys make a decision that meant my kids and my grandkids and their kids don't have that place because somebody wanted to get from Leslie to Steptoe or Steptoe to Leslie more quickly,” said Kennewick resident Jim Deatherage.

The commission's action doesn't mean the fight is over. That will eventually take a vote by the city council. This simply secures a recommendation for removal.

Organizers told KEPR they plan to attend Richland’s Planning Commission meeting next.