5-year-old Selah boy's cancer battle inspires people around the country

5-year-old Selah boy's cancer battle inspires people around the country

SELAH, Wash. -- It seems like any other weekend gathering. Volunteers working on a Sunny Saturday afternoon.

While it might be just that, there's a spirit behind their labor that sets this apart.

"It seems like such a simple thing to ask people to do good for a day. Ya know, it's nothing much," said Amy Hatfield. "Ya know as each of serve that light is passed 10 fold, hundred fold, and soon everyone blessed by these little children that been on this earth for such a short time."

Mitchell Hatfield passed away at just 5 years old. His family says he had a smile that would light up a room. He kept it on all the way through his 2 year battle with brain cancer. When he passed away, they wanted to keep that smile going.

"Ya know during some difficult times it's nice just to feel that kind of support, that love, that same kind of pride I felt when I saw Mitchell smiling to these people walking by," said Chad Hatfield, Mitchell's father.

So along with their church, Chad and Amy created "Mitchell's Day." A day of celebrating his life by volunteering in the community. Mitchell's brave battle and his attitude apparently touched a lot of people. The family created a website that's received nearly 20 thousand hits and Mitchell's Day volunteers are working in his dedication around the country Saturday.

"Anyone who's met him was able to see that he had a gigantic heart, he loved everyone, he didn't care what they looked like, smelled like, how they sounded," Amy said.

Here in Selah the volunteers are in the first phases of creating a park in this dusty lot.

This is just a portion of the piece of property that the Mitchell's Day volunteers are helping turn into a park. They have their hands full. But, they say when their done they want to honor everyone who dedicated their time by naming it Volunteer Park.

"Mitchell was such a happy boy, he used to walk around to everybody he met. It didn't matter if he knew them or not, he'd just say hi and smile to them. So it just means a lot to have people come back and smile back and just give back," Amy said.

Giving back with a smile on their face. A smile just like Mitchell's.

Here is a link to the Mitchell's Day website.