Richland woman sheds 100+ pounds

Richland woman sheds 100+ pounds »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. -- If you need some motivation to follow up on a weight loss resolution, look no further than a woman in Richland. She successfully lost more than 100 pounds and is featured in a national magazine because of it.

Up until three years ago, Anne Farawila had always struggled with her size.

"I have always been overweight since I was five years old basically, I have been obese since I was in my teens," said Anne Farawila.

The working mom tipped the scales at 260 pounds at one point. She was eating 5,000 calories a day. That's the equivalent of two dozen doughnuts. The working mother of three knew she needed to make a change.

"I couldn't look at myself in the mirror anymore, I was getting to a point where I couldn't do what I wanted, it was getting tough just to go upstairs or downstairs," said Farawila.

Anne is now 110 pounds lighter. She took that first step by getting on a bike. She rode her husband's bike to work.

"I just rode the bike a couple miles here and there and I really liked it and enjoyed it," said Farawila.

At first, she could barely ride a couple miles a day, now she averages 20 miles. Anne's story is featured in this month's "Bicycling" magazine, her lifestyle change serves as an inspiration to others.

"You relieve a lot of stress, not only the success, but your mind, being focused on yourself, it's really good," said Farawila.

Anne believes losing weight can't just be a New Year's Resolution, you have to commit to a lifestyle change.

"Having just a short term goal, is not the most powerful way to succeed," said Farawila.

And you can't make excuses.

"No one is too busy."

Three years out and 110 pounds lighter, Anne feels the weight loss has made her a better mom.

"It makes me feel much better with my kids," she said.

Experts will always tell you the best advice to make a lifestyle change can be summed up in four words: eat less, move more.