Remembering Preston Yahne: One year later

Remembering Preston Yahne: One year later »Play Video
PROSSER, Wash. -- KEPR took a look back into the killing of Preston Yahne.

Yahne's body was found in a gravel pit near Sunnyside. He had been missing for several days when a tow-truck driver saw his remains in the trunk of his burned-out car, nearly unidentifiable.

He had been stabbed multiple times and then run over, before being set on fire. Police arrested Robert McCorkindale, who later confessed to the murder but pleaded not guilty in court.

Family members held a private memorial service at his grave Saturday. Friends in the small town of Prosser still remember Yahne as a model young man.

"He was a good guy," said Jerid Leighty. "He was very polite, had a lot of manners and everything, seemed to have his nose clean."

Leighty went to high school with Yahne. He also worked with him at Wildburger, one of several jobs he held in town after leaving the military.

Preston's death is one that even now, a year later, has shaken this community.

"It was shocking to everyone," Leighty said. "I mean, just a death in general is just definitely something that, in a small town, is kind of a big deal."

It's unclear whether McCorkindale's accomplice, Laura Bancroft, will testify when the case finally goes to trial. She's serving time for helping cover up the murder.

Many people KEPR spoke with are shocked that justice still hasn't been served for Preston.

"I figured it would be a lot sooner," said Leighty. "There seemed to be enough evidence."

But until the man accused of first-degree murder goes before a judge, people in that small town will be left waiting.

"I'm sure everyone in Prosser wants it to be over, you know, some closure, finish grieving and all that stuff," Leighty said.

Robert McCorkindale's trial is set to start June 27th. He is being held in the Benton County Jail.

Laura Bancroft was sentenced to 13 months for her role in Yahne's death.