Rattlesnake Hills wineries to join First Friday

Rattlesnake Hills wineries to join First Friday »Play Video

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- First Friday has been a hit here in Yakima. Now more local wineries are jumping on board.

Nine wineries in Rattle Snake Hills will stay open until at least seven this Friday.

It's the first "First Friday" for them. Three wineries will have live music. Several others will offer food.

People told us they will take advantage of the later hours.

"I can take my friends there and enjoy myself a little bit longer rather  being kicked out at 5:00 when they want to close at their convenience," said Michael Schademan who visits wineries. "I agree with the way they are going to do that. I think it's an awesome idea!"

Organizers expect more wineries to join each month.