Pregnant delivery woman attacked for pizza, chicken wings

Pregnant delivery woman attacked for pizza, chicken wings
YAKIMA, Wash. -- A pizza delivery woman beaten and robbed at gunpoint early Wednesday morning.

KIMA learned the 22-year old is five-months pregnant.

The aftermath of a terrifying night is still visible on Megan Barajas' bruised face.

The Domino's Pizza employee was delivering two pizzas and chicken wings to a home on the 800 block of North 6th street.

Police say Barajas drove around to an alley because it was closer to the door of the home, and got out of the car when the person who placed the order answered the phone.

"I started walking to the back door and I was just about to knock on it and two men came from behind me," said Barajas. "One with a gun and then one with a baton."

Police say the two men wearing ski masks demanded the food; Megan gave them the pizza and the men started beating her with the baton.

"They hit me like 3 or 4 times before I said, 'Stop, I'm pregnant," because I was fearing they were going to start beating me in my stomach," said Barajas.

After she shouted, the men stopped and ran away leaving her with a cracked cheekbone and busted lip.

KIMA asked Barajas, "Your first instinct when this happened was, is my baby ok?"

"Right," she added. "It was."

Yakima Police say they often send extra patrols to this neighborhood because of the crime.

Barajas said the neighborhood was poorly lit when she arrived to deliver the pizza.

We only counted one street light mid-block, on that stretch of 6th street.

KIMA asked Yakima Gang Unit Officer Chris Taylor, "How common is this? Is this something you see everyday?"

"No, this is a rarity for us," said Taylor. "Typically our robberies aren't motivated by Pizza, they're motivated for money. The pizza aspect is something new."

The owner of the Domino's Pizza calls the attack unfortunate and says employees are given safety information.

For now, Megan says she has no plans to return to work.

"If I knew something like this happened, then I probably wouldn't be delivering...especially pregnant," said Barajas.

Yakima Police say this is the second pizza delivery employee robbed within the last six months.

Another woman was robbed at gunpoint four blocks away from this week's attack.

Investigators say the two incidents are not related.