Pioneer Middle School upgrades heating system

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WALLA WALLA, Wash. -- Students at a middle school in Walla Walla will notice a big change in the classroom next year.

The teachers will still be there, but they should feel a lot more comfortable at their desks.

It's getting rid of a heating system that's more than 50 years old.

Sitting in a classroom complaining about it being too hot or too cold should be a thing of the past for students at Pioneer Middle School in Walla Walla.

The school district gave the o-k to install new natural gas boilers for energy efficient heating in the school.

"Over 50-year-old boiler system that's a steam system and it's gonna be replaced with a water condensing boiler system”, says Dan Johnson, Facilities Director.

It comes with a 600 thousand dollar price tag, but the district expects that will pay for itself over time.

The school says it spent about 60 thousand dollars a year on gas using the old system.

It projects that will be cut in half with the new boilers.

"Huge energy saver for our district, the boilers that we have now are 50 percent efficiency and we are going to replace them with 92 to 96% efficiency boilers”, says Johnson.

The new equipment can be turned off at night while the old system stayed on 24 hours.

"It provides a way to turn on air conditioning, and heating and provide better ventilation system for our school”, says Johnson.

The changes will begin in early June and with the way the economy is, Pioneer Middle School is very happy to see these changes."

"It will really improve the indoor air quality for kids and for staff its also going to help significantly with energy efficiency and just be able to guarantee that were going to have warm rooms when its cold outside and cool rooms when it's really hot outside” says Superintendent Mick Miller.

It's only a matter of time until students and teachers put it to the test.

Administrators say the money saved in the long run will go back into the building operations fund for future projects.