Photos: 2 crashes on Clearwater leave 1 dead, 1 hurt

Photos: 2 crashes on Clearwater leave 1 dead, 1 hurt »Play Video

KENNEWICK, Wash. - We're learning more about the deadly accident that killed a man in a Kennewick parking lot this morning.

This accident was followed by another just minutes later, where a bicyclist was dragged under a pickup.

Witness Sam Frank said, "It was a horrific scene."

There was no other way to describe what happened Wednesday morning on Clearwater Avenue near Winco. It began when a 60 year old Kennewick man was hit by a car. The man was innocently standing in a parking lot of a strip.

Police tell us an elderly Pasco man claims the gas pedal got stuck on his SUV. Witnesses say the 84 year old came barreling towards them, jumping a curb, hitting a parked car and then hitting and killing the man.

"I heard another thud and I didn't know he hit anyone," said Sam.

Sam had just gotten off the bus moments before. He told me he saw the man knocked 10 feet in the air. Investigators also believe he was dragged by the vehicle.

Sam said, "I ran over there because I saw the guy and when he hit, when he was on the ground man, I don't know there was blood everywhere."

Police confirmed the pedestrian died at the scene outside the Big Smoke Shop.

About 20 minutes later, just a few blocks down the road, a second accident happened this time a car versus a bicyclist.

Despite the proximity officers say this second collision was unrelated. A woman in her 30's driving this green truck pulled into a shopping center a couple blocks west on Clearwater, planning to make a U-turn.

Investigators think she didn't see the cyclist, hit her and dragged her under her truck. The woman is expected to survive.

Washington State Patrol actually handled the investigation because Kennewick was already tied up with the scene down the street.

The agencies believe the accidents are not related but are no less frightening.

Benton County Sheriff's Department and Richland PD were also asked to help divert traffic at the two scenes.

Kennewick Police have not yet released the name of the driver blamed for killing the man or the victim.