Pasco looks to revitalize downtown

Pasco looks to revitalize downtown
PASCO, Wash. - A major overhaul is planned for Pasco. The city is looking to spend millions to turn the downtown around. Local business owners say it's about time.

Miguel Angulo has owned a local furniture shop in downtown Pasco for more than five years, but he still struggles to stay afloat.

"We are attracting customers, but not enough to prosper, we are basically surviving," said local business owner Miguel Angulo.

Miguel tells me one of the reasons he has stayed in this location is due to his belief in the community.

"This is the heart of Pasco, the downtown, and we need to revitalize it because the potential is huge," said Angulo.

And the city sees the same. I learned Pasco is spending nearly three million dollars to make this portion of West Lewis Street and West Clark Street, more attractive. It's the stretch from Second Avenue to Tenth Avenue. The money will re-do roads, widen sidewalks, set up new lighting and add parking. Right now, Miguel is just asking for something to change.

"You can see people just drive by because there is no incentive to stop by, they'd rather go to another city," said Miguel.

One of the other concepts Pasco is considering. One way streets. Making this stretch of West Lewis Street and West Clark Street each a one way road.

"Allows more pedestrian activities, wider sidewalks so some of the merchants can have outdoor café and benches, making a more active downtown," said Pasco Public Works Director Ahmad Qayoumi.

Miguel tells me he only has two employees at his store, but would like to expand and hire more. These changes could assist that.

"I hope it happens, it think if it happens, it's going to be a tremendous asset for not only downtown Pasco, but the city of Pasco," said Angulo.

As well as a tremendous asset to all of Tri-Cities.

The design portion is set to be complete this fall and hope for construction to be complete in about two years' time.