Not-so-Good Friday after woman plows car into irrigation canal

Not-so-Good Friday after woman plows car into irrigation canal
KENNEWICK -- Rescue crews were called in from across the Tri Cities after a car ended up in the irrigation canal off of Columbia Center Boulevard in Kennewick Friday afternoon.

Witnesses say it was a miracle no one was hurt or even killed.

Authorities believe the woman driving may have gone into diabetic shock. She was reportedly exiting off of Highway 240 northbound, when she crossed up to eight lanes of traffic going in both directions and then crashed down into the canal.

Rescuers responded almost immediately to get to the driver and help her out of the car. Witnesses watched in shock as it unfolded.

"They broke out the back passenger window," says Nanette Danley. "Then they had to poke a hole in the windshield so they could stabilize the car. We watched as they finally got her out and everything was okay."

Officials still the situation could easily been turned deadly. Rescue divers had to battle a swift current as they helped the woman. Then they had to dive under the surface to attach the tow line so the vehicle could be pulled out of the water.

Authorities say the driver is expected to be just fine. She was taken to the hospital with just minor injuries.