'My buddy grabbed him and jumped on'

'My buddy grabbed him and jumped on' »Play Video

It was a citizen's arrest like no other. A group of friends took down a suspected burglar in Terrace Heights.

"My buddy grabbed him and jumped on," said Bryce Cooper who helped capture the burglar.
A night of four friends hanging out and shooting guns turned into a a scene from the wild wild west. 
"It was a little cowboy-ish there for a minute I guess you could say," Bryce said.  
The cowboys came out after deputies warned these guys to be on the lookout. They had caught two-burglars in the act at a home in Terrace Heights.
But a third person got away and deputies knew just who they were looking for.
Police stopped the boys here and showed them this picture of Shane Hughes. They told them to keep their eye out. Little did they know about a half hour later they would not only see him, but capture him.
"I was like there's that guy that they showed us a picture of and of course none of them believed me," Bryce said. 
"I dialed 911 as he was walking to the house," Kitt Murray said.
But the call was dropped and Hughes was getting closer.
That's when the guys confronted him. Hughes tried to run away, but these friends went after him.  
Using zip ties they roped off his hands behind his back and even fired a warning shot. The friends certainly had some confidence when they told the suspected burglar the next shot wasn't going to miss.
Deputies picked Hughes up a short time later. 
"I think they did a real good job," official Chad Langdon said. "Armed citizenry is safe citizenry specially if it's done by abiding by all the laws and they did." 
Wild wild west or not, these Yakima men roped, or zip-tied, this wanted burglar.
One officer we spoke to says in the 13 years he's been on the job and this is the second time a citizen has helped make a successful arrest.