Make-A-Wish sends Pasco boy to Disneyland

Make-A-Wish sends Pasco boy to Disneyland »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. -- We told you about a six-year-old who got to battle Darth Vader, thanks to Make-A-Wish. Action News learned that little boy is still in recovery.

Landon was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition this year. He still gets regular check-ups, but is overall doing okay. Landon and his family also took a trip to Disneyland his fall. Everything was paid for by the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

He and his twin brother got to do yet another epic Star Wars battle. We got to hear all about it.

"I got to fight Darth Vader, and he didn't even get me," exclaimed Landon Jonson.

Reporter: "He didn't even get you?"

"Nope. When you fight the Storm Troopers, you just have to use the force," added Jonson.

Landon's mom also suffers from a rare disease.