Little Prosser girl needs 3rd open heart surgery

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PROSSER, Wash. -- A little girl in Prosser will soon undergo her third open heart surgery at just four years old. Her family and friends say it's been miracle after miracle since the day she was born. Doctors predicted the worst but she has overcame every obstacle and can now eat, walk, and speak three languages. But now the family is faced with yet another battle. 

Rosa Trujillo loves to sing, play the guitar, and ride her bike, just like every other four year old. But unlike every four year old, Rosa wasn't supposed to be able to do these things.

"We were told at least three times, that time, that she wouldn't make it, or to prepare ourselves for the worst," said Rosa's mom, Adrian Trujillo.

But this little girl is a fighter. Beating the odds each and every day. The little Prosser sweetheart has DiGeorge Syndrome. Sometimes known as Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome or Catch 22.

When Rosa was born she cried but no sound came out. Doctors noticed some facial deformities. As well as super long, thin toes and fingers. All signs of the syndrome, which in Rosa's case meant three heart defects.

"Usually they'll see the defects maybe two in one child or one in one child, but not all three together in one child so it's even more complicated to do what they need to do," said Trujillo.

Rosa had her first open heart surgery at just five days old. The next one at eight months old. And she's due for her third next month. But to the familiy's surprise, Rosa's surgeon moved to San Francisco.

"We have been under the impression that she is going to have surgery by her original surgeon which happens to be ranked one of the best surgeons in the nation," she said.

But finding a way to get there and having insurance cover it has been a headache.

"I'm doing the best that I can for her because I want the best for my daughter and I'm just being a mom. I'm not gonna take her somewhere where I don't feel comfortable."

But the family is confident this will all work out. Since after all, baby Rosa wasn't even supposed to live.

"Miracle after miracle. I mean we just have so much faith. We know that every time something happens and she overcomes it, it's like, we're just overjoyed."

If you're interested in helping Rosa get to San Francisco for her third open heart surgery, just click here.