Lawsuit against Kennewick for pot ban

Lawsuit against Kennewick for pot ban »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- The moment Kennewick voted for a permanent ban on recreational marijuana sales, the city was facing a lawsuit.

A married couple who got a state license to open a retail shop have filed a lawsuit against Kennewick. They say it's unconstitutional for the state to prohibit something the state already ruled in favor of. KEPR spoke with the couple's attorney.

"What we have in Kennewick is a mandate from the state to have a store in Kennewick and absolutely no access for 300,000 people and that's a very different scenario from the situation in Fife. We're hoping that the judge will restrain the city from implementing and codifying their ban," said Attorney, Liz Hallock.

The Kennewick City Attorney never returned KEPR's calls. A hearing will be held in a couple weeks about the issue. Kennewick leaders voted to ban all processing, growing and sales of recreational marijuana within the city.