Ki-Be basketball coach officially coming back

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BENTON CITY, Wash. -- KEPR was the first to report Ki-Be's girls' basketball coach is taking his old job back.

Coach Joe Wirtzberger was fired, then reinstated after public outcry.

Wirtzberger was given the option to resign or be fired; he chose the latter.

But an outpouring of support at the most recent school board meeting got the decision reversed.

The superintendent talked to us by phone and said he's glad the girls' coach will be back.

"We're happy to have him. He's done some good things for the kids and the community. And also the girls are excited to have him back too. So we're about it," said Wade Haun.

Wirtzberger will begin coaching with the summer league program.

The district didn't comment on any of the other concerns brought up at the board meeting.