Kennewick property crimes down

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- The KEPR Crime Tracker has learned crime in Kennewick is still trending down from where it was a decade ago. The yearly crime report is out and crime is nearly flat year to year.

Daniel Elfers moved to the Tri-Cities a few years back to attend CBC.
He's lived in Kennewick and says he's never felt safer.

"I have never had any issues overall, especially not with crime," said Elfers.

Daniel points to the frequency he sees police on patrol.

"I see them around all of the time as I'm driving around or moving and I don't see the crime, so they must be pretty good,"said Elfers.

Daniel's observations are on point. Considering a population increase in Kennewick of more than 30 percent in the last decade, there were about 250 fewer property crimes last year, compared to a decade ago.

Despite the added population, the department hasn't had the luxury of adding officers: only one new position in that ten-year span. Having staff levels meet the population levels is considered key to maintaining that lower crime rate, which was just about 36 crimes per capita.

"We just don't want to lose and fall behind the trends, because then we become reactionary," said Officer Dan Todd.

The department focuses heavily on property crimes like burglaries, car prowls and car thefts.

"Last year, we had somewhat of an increase in auto thefts, a significant increase in auto thefts. So, that's something that's real important to us," said Todd.

Police say they keep the public aware when this happens as a means of preventing other thefts.

Still, Daniel feels confident in the safety of Kennewick.

"Do see them here around time to time just making sure checking up on the apartment complex," said Elfers.

Showing that despite a growing population, the crime isn't growing along with it.

There were 20 more auto theft crimes in 2012 versus 2013.