Kennewick ice rink a huge success

Kennewick ice rink a huge success
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- KEPR checked back on the success of the new ice rink set up in downtown Kennewick.

The rink is now closed but will be back next year.

Kennewick's Historic Downtown Partnership put it together. The rink used synthetic ice.

More than 700 people came out in just the two weekends it was opened. Organizers say it was so popular, they had to limit the amount of people who were allowed to skate.

"Everyone was ecstatic about it. I keep getting calls on it. Is it open? Is it still going? I'm going no, but we're really building up for 2014," says Executive Director Tim Dalton.

Downtown Kennewick plans on making the rink bigger next year and purchasing skates that can be rented out.

They also hope to keep it open from Thanksgiving until the first of the year.