Kennewick DOL wait times plummet

Kennewick DOL wait times plummet »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- KEPR told you about the drastic drop in wait times at the Kennewick DOL. Even during the busy season, those wait times continue to plummet.

Each month since August, wait times were essentially cut in half from the previous year.

Officials say more people are going online. And it's also due to a new law. The state no longer does the road test. It saves time and resources at the Department of Licensing, where people always dread a long wait.

"And right now, I've used about seven/eight minutes up," said Dale Brown.
"So, not too bad?" asked KEPR.
"Not too bad! Actually, I'm really surprised, being it's the second day of the year," replied Brown.

Wait times were also expected to rise when the Othello DOL closed a few years ago. But that hasn't proven true this year.