Kadlec raises the 12th Man Flag

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RICHLAND, Wash. - Super Bowl week has begun and our area is feeling the fever. Kadlec kicked off festivities with the raising of a 12th Man flag.

The flag was made by one of the members of Kadlec, Jan Jacobs, but the flag raiser was an 11-year-old cancer patient.
Julian Soto-Arreguin ordered the flag raising from the pediatric center prior to his next round of chemotherapy this afternoon and the Hawks are all he can talk about.

"That's exciting because at school most of my classmates always wear Seahawks stuff and some of my other classmates are like 'Broncos are going to win' and I'm like, you're a forty-whiner," said cancer patient, Julian Soto-Arreguin.

Staff say that Julian should finish his chemotherapy this December.