IN TWO YEARS: $1,000,000 for illegal immigrants

IN TWO YEARS: $1,000,000 for illegal immigrants »Play Video
Action News uncovered the high costs for illegal immigrants staying at the Benton County jail. In the past two years, the county has paid more than a million dollars to house them.

This year, the number of locked up illegal immigrants has remained steady--- with about 22 behind bars at any given time. Officials say it's their responsibility to house these inmates - all for the community's safety.

"It's our job to enforce the law. And we don't for immigrant laws; that's the job of the federal government. But if somebody is arrested for a criminal charge, that's the Benton County's Sheriff's Office duty to house them," said Benton County Jail Commander Jon Law.
And the cost to house an illegal immigrant each day is $68,