"I can't afford a new car"

"I can't afford a new car"
TRI-CITIES -- It's a reminder of the recession. Mechanics hard at work, repairing cars that should have been scrapped.

Mechanics tell say they've seen an increase in people coming in to get their cars fixed.

The cause of that is that buying a new car simply costs too much, especially when money is tight.

"It’s pretty tough right now times are hard and it’s hard to take care of your vehicle”, says Jim Badger, who takes care of his car as much as he can.

In a time when work is hard to find, people are trying to pinch money wherever they can. In the Tri-Cities alone, 3,000 people currently don't have jobs. Making the need for car repairs all the more critical.

"I can’t afford a new car, I'm still making payments on this one, so you have to keep it going you gotta get back and forth to work, you gotta have reliable transportation so you have to take it into mechanics", says Badger.

They complain about the economy how its getting hard and they can’t afford a new car, they always try to fix the used ones, they try to get more life in the car wherever they can", says Mechanic Mirco Micic.

And keeping that car going is essential. Mechanics say getting an oil change every 3,000 miles can go a long way. They also said that checking your tire pressure once a month can also cut down on how much you spend on gas each month.