Hermiston School District's security success

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HERMISTON, Ore. -- One million dollars have replaced keys with swipe cards and installed more than 300 cameras in eight Hermiston schools. Administrators are saying the equipment is doing there job.

"What we have seen from the elementary through the high school is a drastic decrease in bullying and harassment incidents in the hallway or other areas," said Interim Superintendent Wade Smith. "It didn't take long for students to realize cameras were in place and cameras were in use."

"The big thing for us has been the reduction in, a substantial reduction of graffiti on all our facilities," said Mike Kay of Support Services.

School officials have often had to answer the question 'has the investment been worth it?'

"Our response is absolutely because it allows us to do a lot of things people don't realize," said Kay. "When you have schools with as many doors, entrances and exits, you have to manage them in some way shape or form."

Parents also like the extra security.

"It is a very good thing to do now with so many things that are happening in schools," said parent Blanca Cortez. "It's a good thing to keep our children safe and outside who comes in or whoever comes out."

The security changes have allowed the district to keep track of who goes in and out while following what's happening on campus on their iPads and computers.

"These kinds of things make our school safer and for everything we do here, that is the ultimate goal is to make everything safer," said Kay.