Healed goose released in the Columbia River

Healed goose released in the Columbia River
KENNEWICK - It was a good day to be a goose in the Tri-Cities. Blue Mountain Wildlife workers released this goose along the Columbia River this afternoon. It had been injured by a three-foot long arrow.

Many people had seen the bird walking around the park. Finally - a pair of sisters caught the goose and gave him to the center.

It took two weeks to heal--- but today, he flew into the distance.

"When they find things that are injured, you know - they want to know that there's some place to take where they can receive. That's what we provide. And if we're lucky - we get to bring them back like we are today and release them," Blue Mountain Wildlife Executive Director Lynn THomkins.

Animal worker remind everyone that it is illegal to shoot arrows in city limits--- especially at a goose.