Grocery prices set to rise?

Grocery prices set to rise?
TRI-CITIES, Wash -- For the first time in over a year the cost of food is starting to level out.

That's good news considering that the relief may be short lived.

Trends show that grocers seem to be holding the line on prices despite rising fuel costs.

In the last quarter, the cost of eggs, potatoes and flour have all slightly dropped.

Some items like like orange juice, whole milk and bread saw moderate increases, but experts say they remained lower than expected.

Items with the highest increase include organic milk, twenty cents over the previous quarter, and beef, which went up 11% alone in December.

Many shoppers already changed their buying habits to deal with the higher costs of living. Leftovers and non-brand items are among favorite ways to save.

Some are also seeking lower prices at bargain stores trying to make their food dollar stretch.

Most shoppers know it will only be a matter of time until fuel prices make an impact.