Franklin farmers get more time

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. - There's a land grab underway and KEPR learned the farmers scored a small victory.

Farmers were surprised to learn portions of their land may be taken away since it's considered habitat to a plant that's on the endangered list.

That deadline to take over the land was pushed back 6 months. Farmers were worried fences could go up later this week.

Now there will be a public comment period and a method to inform landowners more clearly.

But it doesn't mean they'll keep their land.

Farmer James Alford said, "There's issues with the science. There's issues with the way the ruling was put together. There's issues with pretty much the whole thing. This is just the start."

He's the farmer that uncovered what was going on. Getting the ball rolling on informing land owners their rights were at stake.

Kent McMillen is also a farmer. He said, "If we want to truly protect this species we should be very much one of the key players at the table."

KEPR contacted US Fish and Wildlife again to get their side of the story.

We're told the agency simply refuses to address questions from media.