Franklin County tackling road projects

Franklin County tackling road projects
FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. -- Many of the roads you drive in Franklin County are set to get a face-lift over the next few years.

The county secured federal money for some work and looks to spend a couple hundred thousand dollars over the next few years.

Glade North Road will be restructured so it doesn't get so icy in the winter. Franklin County also wants to replace the Birch Road bridge.

One thing that has many residents excited is the potential public road that would allow access to Juniper Dunes.

"I that's actually really convenient. I used to run back there and it's really hard to get back there and the private road sucks. So. Anything that we can do to make that a little bit easier, that's really cool," says county resident Garrett Questad.

Resurfacing is also planned for the Pasco-Kahlotus road. Many of these projects will begin late this summer.