Finley man fatally shot at home

Finley man fatally shot at home
FINLEY, Wash. -- County sheriff vehicles lined this side street on East Bowles Road. Deputies found a man dead – now identified as 53 year old Jerry L. Barton.

Officials tell KEPR the cause of death appears to have been a fatal gunshot wound. Deputies responded to the incident at 2:16pm Friday. Just like in Kennewick, neighbors tell us they are reeling from the sudden violence.

"Really shocked - because nothing like that has ever happened here," said neighbor Penny Felch.

"Something really bad must have went wrong," added neighbor Phil Joseph.

"Makes us want to lock our doors," said neighbor Jovanny Vega.

The death of a man -- at his home. Deputies tell Action News a second male identified as 24 year old Timothy Brown was contacted at the property. He was questioned for allegedly firing the fatal shot. Deputies say Mr. Brown is not being held – and was shortly released after questioning.

Jovanny lives just down the road -- and is like many Finley residents --
Just wanting to live in safety.

"Calm place -- not really too much goes on around here," said Vega.

He says the whole scene is unfamiliar.

"It was actually pretty surprising because we thought it was just regular chasing after a drug bust of something -- but finding out it was a murder - that was actually kind of - very surprising," said Vega.

Surprising to put it mildly. Countless cars stopped to inquire about what had happened. Many we spoke to knew the family affected.

"I just hope everything down there is okay," added Felch.

But deputies tell us it is *not okay as a second person has lost their life to gun violence on the same day -- here in the Tri-Cities.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office tell KEPR they believe all parties involved in this incident have been contacted. No charges have been filed at this time. We will provide more details as the investigation continues.