Do you know these babies? Deputies look for camera owners

Do you know these babies? Deputies look for camera owners »Play Video
Deputies in Washington County found these images on stolen cameras. They are now trying to reunite the cameras and photos with their rightful owners.

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ore. – Do you recognize the newborn babies in these pictures? Deputies in Washington County hope you do.

They recovered two stolen digital cameras that are full of family pictures and they want to return the cameras to their rightful owners. Both cameras have pictures of newborn babies and family members posting with the babies.

Deputies first found the cameras six years ago when they arrested and got a conviction against a man for breaking into cars. Now the cameras are set to be auctioned off or destroyed.

Before they go, deputies are making one last push to get the pictures back to the families.

“These children will likely be starting first grade this fall and they will look different, but the photos have other clues that the right relative or neighbor could recognize, such as the adults or background items,” the sheriff’s department wrote in its newsletter.

We showed the pictures to parents at a Hillsboro elementary school this week. None of them recognized people in the photos, but said they are happy to help in the search.

“Family photos are very important,” said mother Heidi Daffron. “I’ve been in a position where I’ve lost (my son’s) pictures and it’s really upsetting, especially because it looks like a newborn.”

Even if the family is from out of town, deputies said they’d be happy to mail the cameras.

Click through this photo gallery to check out the photos. If you recognize anything, you can e-mail the sheriff’s department at

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