Diehard Seahawks fan to root for Broncos

Diehard Seahawks fan to root for Broncos »Play Video
TRI-CITIES, Wash. - A diehard Seahawk fan and member of the KEPR news team is heading to the Super Bowl, but this member of the 12th Man will be rooting for the Broncos. Family ties are driving our own Davis Wahlman to wear blue and orange this Sunday.

No one will forget this game-ending interception that sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, but it was the less climactic Denver Broncos AFC Championship win that is sending Davis Wahlman to the Super Bowl.

"This is a win-win Super Bowl for me, either my team wins and gets the first Super Bowl in franchise history, or I get to touch a Super Bowl ring," said Davis Wahlman.

He wouldn't be able to touch a Super Bowl ring because of some special privilege that comes with being a reporter. It's because his brother-in-law plays for the Denver Broncos, offensive lineman, Steve Vallos.

"To root for my team and my brother-in-law, it's going to be a challenge for me, but I am excited," said Wahlman.

Steve has roots in Washington. He played for the Seahawks from 2007 - 2009 and even lives in Seattle during the off-season. Players get tickets for their family members, which include Steve's in-laws.

"I had to make it clear with everyone from my wife's side that if you are getting a ticket for the game, you are cheering for the Broncos and wearing orange and blue," said Steve Vallos, via phone.

And that is what Davis will be wearing. Everyone in his family will get a customized Steve Vallos jersey. Davis says he plans to wear it, on top.

"I'll have my Russell Wilson jersey on underneath, guaranteed," said Wahlman.

A lifelong Seahawks fan, who even sports his green at work, Davis just plans to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is attending the Super Bowl.

"We banter back and forth, at the end of the day, we do hope and want to see him win, we really do," said Wahlman.

"Broncos are my team and anything short of a victory would be disappointing," said Vallos.