Dense fog cancels and delays multiple flights

Dense fog cancels and delays multiple flights »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. - The dense fog has socked in the Tri-Cities and few flights have made it out of the airport because of it. The cancellations began yesterday afternoon and continued today.

Cancellations and delays highlighted the travel plans for many today.
Airport officials say they generally see dense fog like today about once a year. And of course, it has to come during one of the most stressful times of the year, between Christmas and New Year's.

Newlyweds Tess and Ty McCoy were on their way to Las Vegas for their honeymoon, until the fog rolled in, cancelling their flight.

"It's such a special occasion, we're just trying to make the best of it,"
said travelers Tess and Ty McCoy.

But the bad news kept coming, their only option to get to Vegas by tonight was to take a three hour bus ride to Spokane, hoping to get on another plane.

"We're only going to be on our Honeymoon for a few days, this was one of the days, and we're going to spend it on a bus," said the McCoys.

The McCoys weren't the only ones, no planes left after 4 pm Thursday. Today there were at least 17 cancelled flights and 18 delays for planes leaving or arriving, causing hundreds of travelers to pause their holiday fun.

"Nobody likes to miss there plane when you have to pack up all the rug rats and head back home, and pack 'em up again," said traveler, Michael Breier.

Airport staff say they feel for their travelers, but there is nothing they can do except wait.

"If it's snow we're going to get out and do the best we can to clear the runway, but fog you are at the mercy of mother nature," said Deputy Director Buck Taft.

Michael Breier and his family of seven had already waited in the Tri-Cities airport for more than ten hours when I talked to them, but say they are in no rush.

"Bottom line is safety is what counts, as long as I can get to my destination safely and get home safely that's what I care about," said Breier.

While frustrated and disappointed, travelers were still able to laugh it off.

"We'll probably laugh about it once we land, as soon as we're in Vegas we'll laugh about it.," said Tess and Ty McCoy.

"We're just considering it an adventure, we decided to come down here and enjoy the food, that's what we would say," said Breier.

Now the fog was supposed to have cleared by noon, but it remained foggy most of the day. Planes were running, but had about 20 minute delays or more on current flights.