Lange family faces another battle

Lange family faces another battle »Play Video
PENDLETON, Ore. -- A Pendleton family has truly been through hard times. Almost a year after Karen Lange was brutally attacked and nearly lost her life, her husband now faces his own battle. Dan Lange has an incurable cancer.

Doctors found lesions on his brain. They performed emergency surgery.

Dan has since lost his hair, but not his positive spirit.

"You know, those things happen," said Dan. "And I know other people, I look at them and I go, 'Man, I am blessed to not have what they have to go through.' And so, I just keep my eye on that and on the encouragement of the doctors."

Doctors say that Dan's cancer has a survival rate of 20 years.

His wife, Karen, is still recovering from her random attack at the Pendleton River Walk. Lukah Chang is serving life in prison for assaulting her and killing 19-year-old Amyjane Brandhagen.