Christmas decoration costs in the Tri-Cities

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TRI-CITIES, Wash. - What's Christmas without decorations? KEPR is tracking the way your tax dollars are being spent to light up our local cities. It can be a touchy subject. Most people appreciate the Christmas spirit, but some who don't celebrate the holiday may question their money being spent on this.

Cathy Manderback loves putting up Christmas decorations. She'll spend up to 500 hundred dollars a year to get into the spirit.

"I love to see Christmas decorations and I think it makes people feel joyful and that is what the season is for," said Cathy Manderbach.

Which is why Cathy had no problem when I told her Richland frequently spends nearly three-thousand a *year on holiday decorations. It's the most of all three cities.

"I don't think spending money on Christmas is a bad thing and I don't see our community hurting in anyway," said Manderbach.

This year, Richland spent just 500 dollars, thanks to donations from local businesses. Kennewick spends less than a thousand a year on decorations. Most of the city's festive décor is loaned by employees. While Pasco tells me they don't spend a dime.

The city of Richland finds it a worthy expense, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.

"The little bit that we can do in terms of attracting a crowd to a certain event and if that can spill into restaurants and retail shops than that's great for everybody," said Parks and Recreation Director Joe Schiessl.

Karen White understands the expense that can come with the décor.

"I like to see the decorations, it puts me in a mood, I'm sorry it costs so much," said Karen White.

"When you get out and drive at night and see the lights, it brings you back to the reason and it makes you heart warm and think of things you can do to help people," said Manderbach.

Pasco says they have no intentions to put decorations into the budget. The city's annual tree lighting at Peanuts Park is paid through donations and volunteers. It's tomorrow at six pm.